Type: P.J.S (Private Joint Stock)

Registration date: 1988

Scope of activities: Production of various brake components for the Heavy Duty, Commercial Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Cars, Railway, Agricultural & Industrial purposes.


History: MASHIN LENT TEHRAN has been established in 1988 aiming the production of various brake clutch components. This company is amongst the first movers in IRAN’s brake industry, that has been active since the start up to date in line to manufacture & distribute various brake components for different scopes.
Now quality speaking, we are producing the premium quality types of over 260 applications in brake sector.

MLT is a familiar name in brake industry and for market players. Since 80’s, this Company has kept its name in this industry adjacent to the character and valor of a premium manufacturer.

Scope of activities:
Production of various brake components for the following sectors:

Brake Linings for:

  • Motorcycles
  • Passenger Cars, models: SAHAND, ALVAND, DENA, HANZA,
  • Light Commercial Vehicles, models: SABALAN, BAZMAN,
  • Commercial Vehicles, models: SABALAN, TAFTAN,
  • Heavy Duty
  • Railway

Brake Shoes:
Complete Sets for various applications,
For instance:

Paykan , Peugeot 206, Peugeot 405, Samand regular, Samand EF7, model: NAVA

SAIPA area:
Kia Pride, Tiba, Nissan,  model: NAVA

Mazda 1600, model: NAVA

Brakes for:
Agricultural purposes

Brake Sheets for:
Industrial segment

& More to come…